Picture of Jared and Jensen with their gift and the organizers


I cropped myself out of this picture because I would rather not be made fun of by those who dislike me and are wont to do that sort of thing. But I’m sure everyone will enjoy it anyway!


Justice Jay “JJ” Ackles

Justice Jay “JJ” Ackles


Unpublished Harper’s Bazaar China Jensen photoshoots

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At Comic Con during one of you many interview, you said you were "hunting Jensen [Ackles] like a dog" to do an interview with you on Girl on Guy. How's that going? Any success thus far?


Well, the short answer is that he’s said yes, but he lives in Vancouver and Texas, and I live in LA. We’ll make it happen someday. Hopefully next year at SDCC if not before!


Holy crap! Look at those triceps!!! [x]


Holy crap! Look at those triceps!!! [x]


So I understand some people have been saying things about me and about Jensen’s VIP meet and greet that aren’t true. I’d like to clarify briefly.

I asked about a spoiler (from Jeremy Carver and Bob Singer iirc) that Castiel was unhappy about Dean becoming a demon and thought he might have to kill…


Gift for Jared and Jensen. The bottles are engraved with JARED N JENSEN 10 YEARS OF SUPERNATURAL.

The shotglasses are imprinted with the antipossession symbol and SUPERNATURAL 10TH ANNIVERSARY 2005-2015.

We had enough donations to send a gift to the writers as well, and donate $100 to St Judes and $300 to Team Levi.

Jensen and Jared seemed very pleased—Jensen says he always has two bottles of scotch in his house, and Johnny Walker Blue is one of them (and he was running low). They also loved that we were doing something for the crew as well.



Jensen Ackles & Rob Benedict @ VanCon 2014  X

Both so cute



Jensen As Batman

Best thing ever.