Remember how Jensen has dreamt about Dean and how many times he’s said he loves Dean and how protective he is of Dean? And how it’s hard to shake Dean off and it’s like having a roommate and how he grows a beard in the off season so he can tell his face from Dean’s? And…




Jensen,Danneel,Steve,Lana,Mike - New Year (2013)


Supernatural S09E18 - "Meta Fiction"

We really all needed this. SERIOUSLY.
There was no better come back GIF than this one. 


I made, framed, and sent these to Jensen, Jared, and Misha and Cliff just told me that Jensen and Jared have them up in their trailers and he is going to give Misha his on tomorrow when he see’s him! :) I am the happiest girl in the world! and Jensen got the monkey that I sent for JJ also! 

Jensen Ackles on how he proposed to wife Danneel Harris [x

The Ackles’ Family




During my autograph session I thanked Jensen for taking so much time away from his family to make the show and do the conventions and that we really appreciate it. He looked me in the eyes and smiled and said:

"It’s no problem. It’s just a different kind of family."

Sobbing. He’s so fantastic.

Reblogging because Jensen is amazing and worthy of the same LOVE and RESPECT he gives his fans.